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Featured Pinay Textmate
Name : Roxy
Birthday : December 22, 1991
Cellphone Number : email me at or leave a message using the comment if you are interested with her to be your friend. Serious and Friendly textmate only please. Foreigner friends are also welcome.
Location : Bulacan, Philippines
Looking for Textmate/Friends

  • hi guys! im donna (0927-2205002), from my early twenties.. im looking for friends who are nice and decent, looking forward to meet you..c",) thanks. good day!
Here's the summary of those looking for textmates posting at the comment section:

  • Hi I'm Jed. I'm from Plaridel Bulacan. if you're interested just text me 09156064281..

December 16, 2008 10:38 PM

  • hi im ms candy.. looking for a fren that i can rely on.. 09099831867..thanks

January 5, 2009 12:16 AM

HI fhuE name q Pla c ChavZ from Gensan lookong for a txtmate gurl!
SExy hot and naughty! 09108506097

January 16, 2009 6:34 PM

  • Anonymous said...

Looking for guy textmates please...

January 26, 2009 3:01 AM

  • Anonymous said....

Hi, I am Tara, 20, Parañaque City. I want a friend that will accept me, respect me and will stay with even if I am Gay. Yes, i am gay and i am not perfect but i am for real. You can see my pic in my friendster:, my blog: and my cell: 0928-3158640

January 29, 2009 9:18 AM

  • Anonymous said....

hi im ana of davao city 25 yrs old im looking for a txtmate who is nice at hindi bastos. globe and TM users only tnx. my # id 09058686290

February 3, 2009 1:02 AM

  • neil- said...

Hi aq c neil 18 m laguna, hanap aq katxt. Ung mbait at mejo mtaray, hehe :) e2 po number q 09157569909

February 11, 2009 5:12 PM

  • Anonymous said...

Hi, i’m Kimberly, 22 female from Manila, Philippines. I’m looking for a textmate that will satisfy my hotness..i’m horny right now..hurry guys! just text me through this number +639267697397

February 19, 2009 1:36 AM

  • Anonymous said...

19M caloocn.. Nid txtmate.. Ung naughty GIRLS lng ha!

February 19, 2009 8:51 AM

  • Anonymous said...

hi im christian looking for cute girl txm8s 18-25.. im new here at pasig.. heres my no. 09166421449

February 23, 2009 7:21 PM

  • Anonymous said...

Hi, im lynne... Text me at 09219733099. I am super game!

February 24, 2009 9:03 PM

  • Anonymous said...


February 24, 2009 9:04 PM

  • Anonymous said...

hi im michael looking for female sexmate..... 09292536695

March 27, 2009 6:42 AM

  • Anonymous said...


March 31, 2009 7:12 PM

  • Anonymous said...

my name is ARLENE SY.
you can text me at 0906-6666578 or 0918-2607880. i am HOT and NAUGHTY. FREE AKO! you can also call me at night 711-8897.

April 15, 2009 8:02 AM

  • Anonymous said... barako..hanap kung ktxt ung horny girl...txt me at 09194560377

April 20, 2009 8:56 PM

09155948074<<< boy

gustu ko ng sexy at mayaman.

April 21, 2009 6:52 PM

  • Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Joshua... and I'm from Plaridel, Bulacan. I'm Looking for a GIRL! textmate... if you're interested just txt me 09162608914...

April 22, 2009 6:48 AM

  • Anonymous said...

hi!im ren.looking manila or bulacan textmate.looking for hot and naughty textmate.sot!
hirs my number a guy.!girl textmate only!im waiting!!

May 18, 2009 1:03 AM

  • ArcHaNgEl said...

h! iM cLyDe ....lUkiN 4 A gUrL tXtm8 17-20...eSpEciAlLy nUrSinG sTuDent...u Can tXt me at 09275438639 09219797742.....=waitin 4 u...=b

May 30, 2009 9:37 AM

  • Jessie said...

Hi im jes
im looking for a girlfriend
sa text or even real life
dapat naughty and hot, palaban.
Heres my no.

May 30, 2009 10:31 AM

  • Anonymous said...

Hi im jc from laguna...
Luking for txtmates...
Girls or gays are ok...
Here's my #...
Text me...Tnx

June 4, 2009 12:05 AM

  • Anonymous said...

hi im Jay from malolos bulacan.
if you care to txt me hirs my digits. 09158345163. im 18 yrs old.

June 15, 2009 12:50 AM

  • Anonymous said...

hi i'm arthur 27, i'm working abroad and looking for a cute and nice girls. here's my no# 09217637250

June 15, 2009 8:31 PM

hi im all 26yrs male,i need fun txtm8...this is my no.09164940806 from iligan city

June 25, 2009 10:35 PM

hi im ace frm cavite

nid txtm8 ung pd nrin maging syota

un game sa lhat

hirs my number 09053793930

req. 18 to 25 yrs old lng dpt

sexy at game ^^

hihintayin kita txt mo n ako ^^

July 10, 2009 8:12 AM

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Featured Pinay Textmate of the Month:

Name : Roxy
Birthday : December 22, 1991
Cellphone Number : email me at or leave a message using the comment if you are interested with her to be your friend. Serious and Friendly textmate only please. Foreigner friends are also welcome.
Location : Bulacan, Philippines
Looking for Textmate/Friends

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Text Messages For Pinoy and Pinay Textmate 626 to 650

Text Message 626

pg cnbi ko b sau n aalis nko ppgilan m b ko? if il lie n tell u la n ko pki sau, mssktan k b? d cguro! khit nga d ako mgparamdam wla lng sau , un p kaya?

i mis d way u tok 2 me or d way u say "oi musta na?".. d way u say "ingat ka ha!?" but d ting i mis most is wen u say.."uy! miz n kita!"..

if u dnt grit me, ok lng.. if u dnt txt me, ok lng.. if u dnt col me, ok lng.. if u dnt miss me, ok lng.. basta ang importante ok k lng..

kung ttingnan mo q, iicpin mo, d matino kausp, praning, daldal, pro kung kailangan mo ng 2long.. 2ng kwela n ewan n kila2 mo "ti2no!" pra lng sau!

Text Message 630

pno f may taong ccra ng frendship ntn? ano kya ggwin ko? iiyak? mgglit? mgwwla o mttuwa? cguro mtu2wa, kc mkha xng tanga! d nya nmn mccra un db?

bkit gnun? "mllman m lng n impt ang 1 tao pg nwla n cia sau?" sana baliktad nlng.. para.. "sau cia n mwla pg tao 1 ang impt n lng m mla2man" hehehe..

s kbila ng laki ng mundo, s sobrang dami ng tao ngkatagpo p rn tau.. wer not meant 2 b pro nagkrus landas ntn.. gnun yta tlga klngan mgsama ang MGA2NDA!

call me crazy, i knw i am.. tel me im s2pid i knw il alwz b! pro 2ng bliw n 2 ang ng aalala sau! d kc aq normal 2lad ng mga taong wlang pake sau!

hindi kita nakikita pro ok lng..hindi nakakausap pro ok pa rin. msaya ako khit wla k s tabi ko pro gus2 kong mlaman mo n 2wing wla ka.. kulang ang buhay ko kahit ok ako..

Text Message 635

sa mga bagay na nagawa ko sa buhay ko, cguro 99% dun ang mali.. cguro nga tanga lang talaga ako, sori ha? tao lang! lam mo kung saang parte k dyan? wala! kc kw ung nag-iisang tama s buhay ko!

minahal kita kc simple k lang.. simpleng pumorma, simpleng magmahal, lahat simple sa yo. pero ang di ko lng alam, sa simpleng paraan mo rin pala ako sasaktan.

in my next life, i will change the way i am right now. i will be a better me. then i'll search for u..but if ur nor there, u know wat will i do? sisigaw ako, "asan ka ? para sau 2 eh!"

wen i first met u.. i've said to myself "la lang 2!" but as time passed by & we bcum close & trusted each other.. i said to myself.. "ikaw ang kaibigan na di ko iiwan".

i whispered ur name to Jesus & i asked for ur protection, good health & long life. The Lord whispered back, "Don't wori.. basta mahal mo, iingatan ko.."

Text Message 640

minsan s paglalakad mo, madadapa ka.. minsan sa paglalakad mo meron kang makikilala.. pro sa mundong 2 mraming kalye.. kaya nga swerte ko kc nadaanan ko ung kalyeng tinatambayan mo!

tumabi ako sa yo at huminga ng malalim.. sabi mo "bakit?" di ako nagsalita pro di ko rin nakaya, kya nung nagtanong k ulit cnabi ko na "sana mas madalas kitang kasama"..

makulit man ang girl n2, mami2s mo rin cya.. magulo man cyang friend ma2halin mo rin cya, pro isa lang ccguraduhin ko syo, "hindi k iiwan nyan!"

Masakit iwan ang minamahal, eh pano naman kung iwan ka ng mahal mo?...kung iicpin pareho lang masakit, pero may sasakit pa ba kung ... Iwan ka niya dahil sa iba... Kahit alam niya na hinde mo kaya?!

Dati.. Akala ko, pag nasa kin na yung taong mahal ko, masaya na ko..pero bakit nung nasa kin na, d pa rin ako masaya? D lang pala yung tao ang kelangan ko.. Kundi pati pagmamahal nya

Text Message 645

Masakit pag iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo...Mas masakit pag nakita mo sya na may mahal na syang iba..Pero ang sakit sakit pag nakita mo syang maligaya...maligaya sya kse wala ka na...

Ito na siguro ang pinakahihintay kong araw...masasabi ko na yung bagay na gusto kong mangyari..matagal din akong naghintay..mahirap, pero nakaya ko! wakas...... hindi na rin kita mahal!

Bakit ganon? Kahit anong sakit naman tiniis ko, kahit anong hirap tinago ko, kahit sinong masaktan binalewala ko, kahit sobra sobra pagmamahal ko sayo, bakit ganon? Di mo pa rin makita?

Alam mo, gago sya. Di nya ko naiintindihan, di nya ko mahal at di nya ko pinahalagahan. Pero mas gago ako. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi minahal ko ang isang gago.

Pag sinabi kong mahal kita maniniwala ka kaya? Siguro hindi kasi di mo naman ako siniseryoso. Kung maniwala ka naman siguro di mo na papansinin kasi di mo naman ako mahal at iba ang mahal mo.

Text Message 650

Minsan natuto akong magmahal, minsan natuto akong masaktan, minsan natuto akong umasa. Kasi minsan, minahal kita ng sobra-sobra.

Text Messages For Pinoy and Pinay Textmate 601 to 625

Text Message 601 to 610

syang d ko cia bnigyan ng isa png pagka2taon, syang cnarado ko agd yng puso ko, saying iniwan ko na lng sya basta kla ko kc mahal mo ko Di Pla!!!

lam mo nmn dba, na mhal kita? Lam nmn dba, na ikw lng tlga? Lam mo nmn dba, na d ko kyang mwala ka? Lam mo nmn pla e! o, bat mo ko iniwan at binalewala??!!

yaw m ba sken? Sbhen m nmn un 22o ang hirap xe eh ang sket2 lge nlang aqng umaasa sa taong mnahal ko ng sobra2 na iiwan lng pla kng mg1

Lord, let me accept d fact that this is the farthest that i can get, the closest i could be and the clearest that i shall c nd no matter wat i do.. I can never make him love me too...hanggang d2 na lng tlga kaya ko...

Hbang nsyo ang taong mhal mo, alagaan mo wag mng hyaan ang 1ng araw nab ka pgcchan mo pag la na xa at cnabi ña 2 seo.. Kaw kc eh, pnabyaan mo aqo

u brighten my day, d ka nmn araw, u lyt up my life, d ka naman ilaw, u mke me smile, d ka na man bulalakaw,u warm my heart, d ka naman sabaw, mahal kita, yan malinw!

ilang beses m nko sinaktan, ilng beses mo na cong pinaiyak at ilang beses na kitang pinatawad. Pero bkit d mo ko pagbigyan na mkasama at mahalin ka kht mnsan lng?

Once in my life, I sacrificed my happiness for someone else. Once in my life, I put aside my pride.Once in my life, I had loved someone more than myself coz once in my life "minahal kita"

if someone sits beside you and tels u I love you---get a martilyo and pukpok d ulo at pkisab lng naman na mei "iba" ka na!!~

wat if sbhin ko syo na gsto kta maniniwla ka b? e kng sbhin ko na mhal kta mmhalin m rin kya ko? Wt f sbhin ko na im fallin for you sluhin m kya ko?

Text Message 611 to 620

syang d ko cia bnigyan ng isa png pagka2taon, syang cnarado ko agd yng puso ko, saying iniwan ko na lng sya basta... kla ko kc mahal mo ko... Di Pla!!!

lht na gnwa ko pra mlpt seo.. pro bkt hngng ngyn, wla prin ngb2go? alm na nan lht na seo akoy mei gusto..ngunit bkt prn ngkmli n2mn ang puso ko?! msa2ktn b uli ako?!

bkt pag luv ntin sbra2 ang isng tao, hnda ntin iwnan ang lhat2.. pro bkt gnon?! kht lhat gnwa mo na, bkt wla prn mgwa pra mklmtn na nea un mhl neang d nman cia bnibgyang hlga?!

pno mo mla2mn na mhl ka nea?! smple lng.. tmlon ka at sgaw mong mhl na mhl mo cia. pro kng d ka nea sluhin, wg kng mgalala.. ano p ang silb ko?! tga slo mo pg wla cia..

nfil mo na b ung akla mo nklmutn mo na cia.. la na,tpos na ang lht.. tpos, isng arw ngkta keo, ngumiti cia seo.. nsabi mo nalng "hay naku, mhl ko prn tong gagong to!"

nung gbing un.. hlos 2mulo ang aking luha.. sa aking ndrma.. ng iyng cnb: "ayw q na".. mskt mng icpn, pro kylngn tngpin.. hndi nmn pdeng hbng bhay ka akin..

bket b gnon? prepreho cla..lhat iniwan ako..lahat cnaktan ako.. pro bket gnon? gs2 k prn mgmhal.. lam m kung bkit? kc lam ko drating ka!

pno f ung luv mo, mei luv ng iba?! mskt p don, clos frnd mo mhl nea! shocks! pro grbe, kht mskt, ila2kad mo prn cia sa knea.. kht nka2mtay ng heart,, bsta pra sa kanya..

bat ka umiiyak? mhl kta,tgl na.. lm ko dn,na mhl mu sya. pro,cnbi ko syo nrrmdmn ko.tpos,ngkita tyo.tus,lmpit ka.. sabay hirit: "UY...KMI NA!"

Text Message 621 to 625

kala ko pag iniwan kita hahanapin mo ko,kala ko pag lumayo ako mamimis mo ko,kala ko pag d ako nag paramadam, tatawagan mo ko un pala , iba na hinahanap mo HOY! pano na ko?. :'(

lam m mhal kta..gulat k no! mtagal n un mnhid k lng kc.. ay, d pla! abala klng s knya..ok lng, i undrstnd friend m ko e! FRIEND m LANG AKO!

ilang araw n d tyo nguusap.. ilng arw n d tyo ngkikita.. ilng arw n d kna ngpaparamdam,, lam m bng d k na matiis yn?! bt ikw ntiis m ko?. eh tanga pla ako!,, ano nga ba ako syo...! aftr 2 nyt,as it ol ends,wl we end up juz as frends?

Alam mo, I love you so much today. Tomorrow, I'm sure I love you more. Until the rest of my life…ikaw? Kailan mo kaya ako makukuhang mahalin? Kapag di na kita mahal?

Bakit bigla kita na-miss? Ewan ko, di ko alam, wala akong clue. Lagi namang ganito. Di napipigilan, di naiiwasan, pero kahit ano pa ang sabihin ko, walang silbi, may nami-miss ka rin e…di nga lang ako.

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